Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Failure

Introduction to Kidney Failure and Typical Treatment Protocols

People suffering from kidney failure has suffered a lot because of lack of proper treatment that has caused a lot of deaths. Kidney failure patients always lose hope and wait for their demise from the day they are diagnosed with the condition. Yes, kidney failure is treatable and curable, but it requires a lot of money and time.

The most commonly known treatment for kidney failure is dialysis and kidney transplant. Sessions such as dialysis for kidney failure patients are very expensive and not everyone can afford them.

Kidney transplant also requires a lot of processes and at the same time, it is difficult to find a  due to the growing demand.

The good news is, there is hope for people suffering from kidney failure. Stem cell therapy has proven to be the best alternative solution to these patients and also in reducing the mortality rate.

Stem Cell Therapy as Treatment of Kidney Failure

Stem cell therapy is the hope for curing kidney failure through the transplant of stem cells. There has been a long debate on the type of kidney stem cell that exist in adults and the role it plays in the process of curing kidney failure using stem cell therapy.

Mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs) has proven to be effective in protecting the body from kidney damage. The cells are found in the bone marrow and they are responsible for protecting the kidney and improving its healing.

The mesenchymal cell contains a unique element that can be administered to the body independently through stem cell therapy to help repair the kidney.

Also, the cells can be added in the dialysis machine to help expose the patient’s blood to allow the protein to be delivered to the kidney directly for fast repair.

Another cell that has been discovered to be effective in treating kidney failure through cell therapy is the Renal Progenitor Cells (RPC). Renal Progenitor cells are found in the nephrons area in the urinary pole on the Bowmans capsule.

These cells produce podocytes, special cells that are responsible for the filtration work of the nephron and the cells that require replacement continuously for the lifetime. According to the research, when these cells replace the old ones, it helps in repairing the kidney.

Also, the research shows that there is a possibility that the RPC can produce another special cell found in nephron lining to help in dealing with kidney therapy.

Stem cell therapy can help reverse the kidney damage and prevent further damage to the tissues. Stem cell therapy gives hope and encourages kidney failure patients that they continue living their normal life without worrying about kidney problem or other opportunistic diseases. With stem cell therapy, patients don’t need to go through a kidney transplant or dialysis every week.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy as an Alternative

A lot of interest has been developed to generate the use of stem cell therapy to regenerate damaged tissue and organs that occur as a result of kidney failure. This is because the process includes generating a large number of cells in vitro. One of the features that make this process more effective is that the stem cells can divide and produce more stem cells that are related to their ability to differentiate into different specialized cell types.

The effectiveness of cell therapy in curbing kidney failure has been backed up with several studies and procedures and several advances have been made.

The most common cell therapy used that has been proven is the MSC that is extracted from the bone marrow. Several clinical trials have been done and its safety and efficacy have been confirmed, giving kidney failure patients hope of recovering completely without going through dialysis and kidney transplant.

However, the extraction of stem cells from bone marrow is a highly invasive thus painful process. At StemFinityCord we prefer to deal with fresh mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord Wharton Jelly. This way our patients experience a treatment that is comfortable while delivering maximum efficiency to treat the kidney failure.

According to the US National Institute of Health database, using MSCs in a stem cell therapy can also help curb other diseases like inflammatory disease, diabetes, lung disease, autoimmune diseases among others.

Stem cell therapy is very tolerant, effective with low mortality rates compared to other forms of kidney failure treatment.

Also, the stem cell can be used to develop and utilize the body’s repair mechanism that can be used to treat kidney failure using stem cell therapy. The most encouraging factor to patients is that the body can use this mechanism to treat kidney by itself.

More research is still conducted on the effectiveness of mesenchymal stem cells and how they can be used to open new possibilities for the body to generate and repair damaged tissue using stem cell therapy.

The new technologies are being used to discover new ideas about stem cell and how the cells can be reprogrammed to change their behaviours and help in dealing with kidney failure.

Challenges with Kidney Failure Treatments

The kidney is a very complex body organ with many cells around it making it difficult to study its development, diseases and natural repair process. Kidney failure can be caused as a result of damage to different types of cells.

The stem cell therapy is effective when the damaged cells are replaced.

You don’t need to worry because our capable team work together to simplify such studies and to deliver results on time.

Best Stem Cell Therapy Centre

It can be challenging to find the best place to go through stem cell therapy process when dealing with kidney failure because of the emergence of many health centres.

You need to get partners that you can trust in this healing process. At, we offer the best services in stem cell therapy and we give our patients humble time to recover.

Our team works together with the patients to ensure that the patient recovery on time. We give hope and encouragement to our patients that plays a big role in managing their pains and recovery process. Our procedures are medically proven and highly specialized.

The stem cell therapy procedure we offer might be the key to your healing. We don’t promise the world, but we offer the best current medical science can offer.

Remember, we are humans like you, meaning we are not perfect, but if we work together, we can achieve amazing results. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or inquiry.

If you or someone you care about are suffering from kidney failure and you need stem cell therapy, we can be your trusted allies. Let’s talk and see what can be done.

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