Stem Cell Therapy Testimonials and Case Studies

While we’ve tried to provide you with stem cell treatment case studies and testimonials based on the feedback of our customers, please note that most of our clients are public figures or just prefer to refrain from the public display of their health condition, therefore we can’t disclose their full name.

With that being said, you are always welcome to contact us for more information regarding your specific case.

Improved sexual life. Significantly improved diabetes readings. Reduced medication intake. Wife's cholesterol readings reduced, blood pressure stable, menstruation back to normal

Diabetes patient + high blood pressure + sexual performance issues

"My wife was taking care of my diet, food intake. I was having meat and sweets 1-2 times a week only.

I came to Malaysia for medical treatment with my wife. First, we found treatment with animal (sheep) placenta. It was quoted USD35,000 for the treatment.

I met one of my friends who told me about StemFinityCord. He emphasized that they a have premium source from human stem cells and, most importantly, these are live (not frozen) cells. He told me that the majority of their clients are from the Middle East and Australia. So, I decided to meet up with them.

Upon meeting, they took their very good care of me – we went for a medical checkup, where they explained in a clear and simple language what is required to deal with my health issues.

The two main reasons why I chose to proceed with StemFinityCord are: my friend who I trust + the premium live source of stem cells. As far as my research goes, most stem cell treatments are done with frozen cells from an unclear source or from the autologous stem cells extracted from a person’s own body which are age-dependant and aren’t as effective.

During my first treatment, I felt a bit nervous and excited at the same time and my body was actively responding to that. My blood pressure kept going up to 210… too much excitement, I guess…

During the treatment, while the specialist was performing the procedure everyone was very patient and understanding trying to calm me down. In total the whole process took around 4-5 hours.

The next day my wife noticed that my face looked much better – it was fresher, and there was no more flush, it was fresher and didn’t heat up so fast. Before the treatment, when I talked, after 5-10 minutes my face turned red and I felt the heat coming up.
One of my concerns was my sexuality. My wife is 17 years younger. Both I and my wife are very happy with the treatment.

My diabetes readings improved significantly and, after 7 months, after my doctor confirmed it, I was able to reduce my medication intake.

I’ve been able to reduce a lot of medication use, as well as my insulin injections, have gone from 20+/week down to 2 times/week. I feel very blessed, grateful and happy that I went for the treatment.

I decided to go for another treatment to boost my immunity and energy. This time my wife did the treatment as well.

Thanks to the treatment, my wife (after having 4 kids) now feel energetic and young again. Her cholesterol readings have reduced and her blood pressure is now stable.

Menstruation is back to normal like in her pre-menopause stage (before the treatment she was having irregular menstruation once in 4-5 months)."

Mahmoud & Amani (Iraq), Ages 65 & 48- Developer

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now normal. I can walk for longer distances and sleep better

Smoker, coffee-lover, experiencing HBP, high cholesterol and high ESR.

"Every morning when I woke up I usually had this tingling sensation in my body. My doctor told me that it is because of my body inflammation.

Sometimes I had bone aching, very weak knee problems and muscle cramps. Every month I had to go for D12 injection to release my muscles. It did help but I knew it wasn’t a long-term solution.

I had to fix the cause to solve my problem.
I searched around for treatment in different countries. I found out that medical treatments in Malaysia are among the top 3 in the world, they have advanced technologies and very competitive pricing.

After communicating with different providers, StemFinityCord seemed like a good match for me as they were very patient and they took a sincere interest in my specific case unlike many who offered quick ‘ready-made’ solutions. While they did take more time to check my papers – it felt like they really care to make sure I’m a solid candidate. I was convinced they really care about my health and wellbeing.

I would like to credit it to Mr Uldis, he was really helpful arranging the whole schedule and accommodation in response to my personal inquiries which were often out of the scope of his work and weren’t included in the package. He went out of his way to make me feel safe and certain even while taking me from the airport to the hotel, and for that, I’m really grateful.

After the treatment, the next day tingling and itchiness in my body stopped. I felt energized, fresh and renewed.

After I had my treatment at StemFinityCord, for 4 days I was just staying in my room feeling very calm and relaxed. I never before felt having such a good rest and a quality sleep.

The hotel was so nice that I decided to follow the advice of the specialist and spent the entire week enjoying facilities in the hotel.
If you are currently considering it, I highly suggest you get a President room and get ready for significant health and wellbeing improvement. Based on my experience – you won’t regret it!

4 months+ my HBP and cholesterol levels are now normal.

I can walk for longer distances and I sleep better."

Christina (England), Age 57.- Developer

Less pain in my body. Off the HBP medicine with HBP stable. Good night sleep. Able to do light exercise

Menopause, regular body-aching and muscle cramps, on and off the medication for HBP under doctor’s observation.

"After the treatment, I’m experiencing less pain in my body, my doctor has temporarily let me stop taking HBP medicine and, now, after 3 months my HBP is stable.

Right after the treatment, I noticed both great sleep at night while energy during the day. It feels just like your body is signalling me ‘you need to rest’.

I’m now able to catch my breath while talking. While previously I was completely unable to perform any physical exercise due to body pain, now I can go for short jogging sessions and walk my dog without any complaints.

I am a person that can’t live without working. It makes me feel useful and alive. Now, after the treatment, I can do some work. While I think I would be able to do a full-time job, I prefer to do part-time gigs.

I am happy that I did my treatment."

Chong (Malaysia), Age 60- Developer

Improved sexual performance. Stronger erection, can last longer and perform more times

"In general, I am healthy, just some issues with blood fat, lipids.

I decided to do the treatment because I love to enjoy my life.

I wanted to boost my energy levels.

I travel, I love diving, I eat good food and I’m a whiskey lover.

After I did the treatment, I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements in my sexual performance. Before the treatment, I never thought I had any issues in this area but the treatment revealed the sexual capacity in me I didn’t know I had. My erection is stronger, I can last longer and I’m able to perform more times."

Joseph (Australia), Age 48- Developer

Clear, sharp mind. Remain calm under pressure.

Managing Director/Businessman, HBP, taking some medication for HBP and sometimes experiencing knee pain.

"I’m a businessman. Every single decision I need to assess carefully. I need my mind clear and sharp to make intelligent decisions.

This has been my 4th treatment with StemFinityCord.

I think the greatest benefit for me is that I can think properly. I even noticed that I can remain very calm in stressful situations which used to be a big problem for me (I have a hot temper).

I’m able to focus for prolonged periods of time and my overall life quality has improved significantly. After the treatment, I feel refreshed, renewed and happy.

I have done stem cell treatments in other places. It’s not a secret that there are tons of options and different sources. It’s hard to find out what’s right and what’s wrong. Let’s face it – I’m not a doctor so, when someone with credentials sits in front of me – I tend to trust what they say.

Why I chose StemFinityCord? Well, it’s because of my good friend who was doing treatments in StemFinityCord exclusively since he was very satisfied both with the process and the outcomes. Since I was trying out different options, I decided to give a try.

I keep coming back to StemFinityCord because of the documents of the source they provide and because they put sincere effort to provide the best value for me.

They’ve earned my trust.

I remember the CEO of StemFinityCord told me once: “It doesn’t matter how much money we make… if we don’t have the health and energy to enjoy what money gives us – it’s useless”

I choose to have both money and great health to enjoy it.

I am truly happy with them."

Mohamad (Jordan), Age 48- Developer