Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

Life of Hope. Knee Pain and Stem Cells

Knee injury is one thing that can limit one’s life and if not properly managed can lead to an unintended disability. This is a common symptom in people of all ages; it may suddenly start majorly after an exercise or injury. The condition is attributed to mild discomfort that may be ignored but slowly worsens. Your life might just be limited due to a one-time mishap that could have been prevented or treated prior, the limp may just have been due to a small muscle sprain but the outcome has seen you have a change in lifestyle for the worse. knee pains are caused by medical conditions such as arthritis, baker cyst, bone cancers among other infections in the knee; they are also caused by injuries and overuse in the cases of Bursitis, an inflammation from repeated knee pressure. You will be probably be wondering, just like many other occasions, you have had knee pains but have recuperated and took it to be something normal.

In many cases, knee pains are manageable using simple home remedies, but when your condition worsens and just in time your doctor realizes that it may be chronic; it may mean you or your loved one is in for something worse. There is a new approach to managing your knee pain; a more substantial therapeutic model that seeks to help you avert your pains and get back to life: Stem cell therapy.

Stem cells are commonly known as unidentified or unspecialized cells, they exist all over the body and are able to transform into more specialized cells when needed. Stem cell therapies are majorly aimed at managing osteoarthritis; the most common form of arthritis occurring when the protective cartilage cushioning the end of the bones wears down with time. The stem cell type involved in knee pain repairs in the chondrocyte and the main goal that we as the StemFinityCord are offering you a better way of renewing your life through our stem cell therapy services.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works for Knee Pain

The body is one complex mass of blood and flesh with the bones holding it into shape; you will be amazed at the simplicity of this therapeutic process in managing your knee pains. On a fundamental level, the goal of stem cell therapy is to increase the number and activity of chondrocyte cells thereby reversing or slowing the degeneration of the cartilages; the chondrocytes are responsible for producing and maintaining the cartilage and the reduction in the activity or volume is directly linked to osteoarthritis.

There are various categories of stem cells such as embryonic, tissue-specific and induced Pluripotent stem cells, however, mesenchymal stem cells are the most viable as they readily transform into a variety of cell types such as bone, cartilage, fat and muscle cells. Osteoarthritis treatment using stem cell therapy is done using allogenic treatment – the mesenchymal stem cells are usually extracted LIVE (not frozen) and cultivated from the Wharton Jelly of large quantities of the top quality umbilical cords. Premium stem cell treatments are performed with live (not frozen), stem cells as this ensure the maximum potency of cells.

Upon the extraction of mesenchymal stem cells, they are separated and cultured to increase their potency and concentration which typically takes around 14 days dependent on the initial concentration. Upon achieving the right concentration and potency, the stem cells are then deemed adequate and prepared for an intra-articular injection which is accomplished by inserting a needle deep into the joint guided by ultrasound and other imaging devices. The stem cells are then released into the damaged area of the joint.

Research and Viability

According to Spring Loaded Technology, current scientific research suggests that stem cell injections allow for meaningful pain reduction for persons with knee osteoarthritis. The therapy has proven to be effective in reducing knee pain and improving knee function; the researchers also noted that compared to other pain relief corticosteroid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the therapy is more efficient. In a study by Morison (2018), the patients who were injected with stem cells experienced an improvement in both knees, in a much as natural deterioration of the knees continue after five years, the injected knees have a better shape than they were before the injections. The researchers believe that stem cell therapy works by the means of developing into essential cartilage cells thwarting the inflammation that may lead to worsening of arthritis and releasing cytokine proteins that are effective in slowing cartilage degeneration and pain reduction.

In a different study noted by Medical News Today, researchers from Krembil Research Institute sought to find out the regenerative ability of the mesenchymal stem cells on knee cartilages. They included 12 participants with mild to severe knee osteoarthritis; the used stem cells were obtained from the patient’s bone marrows. The study also aimed at understanding the constitution of a safe and viable dose by administering one of the three different doses of the mesenchymal stem cells. The patients were examined for 12 months after which the researchers found that there was an increased self-reported life quality with a significant pain reduction. The three doses were well tolerated with no serious adverse effects; notably from the research, the patients who had received the highest doses had better results. The use of stem cells in the treatment of osteoarthritis according to Medical News Today also has significant effects in the reduction of inflammation within the knee joints of the participants, an important finding based on the fact that the major driver of osteoarthritis is the

Factors Affecting the Viability of the Stem Cell Procedure

While we strive to give you the best of our services and assure you of the efficacy of the procedure, it is also important to inform you of some of the factors that affect the outcome of the procedure.

  • The extraction point of the stem cells.
  • The process through which the stem cells are separated from the rest of the harvested tissues.
  • The delivery process of stem cells to the arthritic joints.

We are Here for You

If you have been experiencing the aggravating effects of knee pains, we are here to help you. At StemFinityCord, we have qualified specialists who will give you the ardent guidance and take you through the steps and procedures. Reach out to us and we will take you through stem cell therapy to help you restore your leg functions and mobility as well. We do not only take care of but care for your well-being.

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