Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Introduction. Life of Hope

Osteoarthritis is a health condition that affects many people worldwide and it can cause damage when not taken care off properly including disability problems. Osteoarthritis

is a degenerative joint disease that is common on older people over 50 years of age and it is the leading cause of their disability, although it can occur at any age.

An osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis and it commonly affects the load-bearing joint like the knees, shoulders, ankles, hands, elbow and hips that are vital for normal movement. The main cause of Osteoarthritis is when the cartilage supporting the joints breaks down forcing the bones to rub together and inducing the change in their shape. The common symptoms of Osteoarthritis are the joint stiffness, joint pain, locking and tenderness that can develop into discomfort when not treated on time. This can cause inflammation to the tissues around the joints forcing them to lose motion.

The best way to control and manage the symptoms of Osteoarthritis effectively is by early diagnosis and early treatment. Osteoarthritis can be treated using different ways and the common way is medication combined with physical therapy. Some of these treatments are very expensive and cannot be afforded by many people. Also, they are always accompanied by many complications and some patient’s experience rejection of the medication.

There is a new hope that has been found after a sequence of clinical trials in an attempt to treat Osteoarthritis. Stem cell therapy has become popular and it has stood out to be the effective, safe and tolerant way of treating Osteoarthritis. Many patients that have used this treatment method recorded a high recovery rate. And, the most encouraging factor is that stem cell therapy uses a natural defence mechanism to control the symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

The stem cells are located all over the body and their special feature is that they can divide, duplicate and develop into different types of cells.

How stem cell therapy works for Osteoarthritis

The body is a complex combination of blood and flesh that are held together with bones to keep you in good shape. The body flesh is made up of different tissues that are responsible for various roles in the body.

Based on research, when stem cells are placed on a particular area, they can transform and accommodate a particular need. For instance, the stem cells used for cartilage damage can develop cartilage tissues. Stem cell therapy can be used alongside surgery when treating osteoarthritis. The stem cells can also be injected directly into the Osteoarthritis joint.

The most commonly used stem cells for treating Osteoarthritis are Mesenchymal stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells can be extracted from your bone marrow, blood or the fat tissues of the body. The fat stem cells are extracted using liposuction or surgery method. Peripheral blood stem cells are extracted from the blood sample of the patients and the bone marrow stem cells are extracted from the bone of the patient. Extraction of stem cells from bone marrow or fat is reported as unpleasant. At StemFinityCord we use Mesenchymal stem cells extracted from umbilical cord Wharton Jelly as they have proven to be the most effective and it is the least invasive approach to this treatment.

The MSCs are used to resurface the degenerated cartilage. Besides, stem cells can modulate the immune system of an individual to prevent any pathological response when attempting to fight diseases. The administration of cell therapy is always conducted by licensed professionals through injecting the cells into the affected area.

The safety of stem cell therapy in treating Osteoarthritis

The stem cell therapy is very safe especially when the adult stem cells are used. This is because the stem cells are extracted from the human, therefore reducing the risk of unwanted reactions.

The effectiveness of stem cell therapy in treating Osteoarthritis has been debated for a long time and the good news is, its effectiveness has been confirmed because of the recovery rate and the positive results from the patients suffering from Osteoarthritis. This is good news to those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Advantages of treating  Osteoarthritis using stem cell therapy

  • Stem cell therapy process uses the naturally extracted stem cells that have anti-inflammatory properties, can stimulate regeneration and support immune modulating capacity that is responsible for fighting osteoarthritis. Since osteoarthritis affects joints, it causes high inflammation on the joints and cell stems can fight it.
  • Stem cell therapy has a complete package and there is no need to use other medications like chemotherapy drugs such as the Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor that is responsible for stimulating bone marrow to produce stem cells and granulocytes to release them into the bloodstream.
  • Stem cells can be administered multiple times following uniform dosage for a specific period.
  • The extracted Mesenchymal stem cells used during stem cell therapy have been confirmed to be more robust by many pieces of research.
  • The mesenchymal stem cell used during stem cell therapy are extracted directly from individual tissues therefore, they are immune system privileged eliminating the chances of cell rejection.
  • The stem cells produced by the body are abundant making the cell therapy process easy to accomplish.

Here is the solution

Osteoarthritis is affecting many people worldwide and if you are one of them and looking for help, we are here for you. Osteoarthritis with such conditions can be stressful and you require someone you can trust to deliver the best result. At StemFinityCord, we have qualified specialists who are always happy and ready to help our patients and to ensure they recover fully from their medical condition. Every patient is special to us and we address every condition accordingly with clear guidance, steps and procedures. Reach out to us if you are experiencing Osteoarthritis and we will show you how to treat the condition using stem cell therapy and get you back on your feet. Your safety is our priority and your recovery and satisfaction is our happiness. 

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